It is important to take care of your health and your well-being, ALWAYS, even when you do things that you like most!

All feel very pleased when we're making our projects. Apart from being a form of artistic expression, these activities bring great benefits to those who practice, increasing the concentration and reinforcing self-esteem, among others.

So, should we adopt good postures and healthy behaviors for the time that we devote to our work does not bring us any physical discomfort.

Some of the more physical problems reported by people who practice are:

  • back pain
  • neck pain
  • vision problems
  • increased weight
  • carpal tunnel syndrome

We will assess each problem individually and trying to figure out a way we can minimize them.



Many times, while we're doing our jobs, we get bad postures and don't even realize it. It is important to find the correct and comfortable positions in order to make their projects in order to avoid back pain.

To do this, you must:

  • Choose a comfortable chair, since you will spend a few hours sitting in it. In addition to being comfortable, should also have a good support for your back;
  • try to sit as right as possible, supporting your back on the backrest of the Chair;
  • keep your feet parallel to the floor and knees bent at 90 degrees;
  • as much as possible, try to keep your arms next to the trunk;
  • make small breaks and get up whenever you feel you must do it.



Neck pain arise, mainly, we stay long with the head down looking at the work we're doing. With this position, we have created a huge tension in the neck that often turns out to lead to pain and discomfort.

So, whenever you are doing their work, make small breaks to:

  • make slight movements with your neck, tilting his head slightly backward and sideways;
  • do rotation movements with their shoulders.



With age, it's normal problems of vision associated with a cumulative wear and tear over time. One of these problems is presbyopia, also known as "tired", and is characterized by the weakening of the focusing mechanism inside the eye. It's easy, then, to conclude that this problem can be boosted if this focusing mechanism is "widely used", as happens while we're sewing or embroidering.

Thus, we must always have in mind when we do this kind of minutia, the following aspects:

  • work in places with enough light (preferably with direct light shines on the job);
  • stop work, with 20 minutes intervals, to focus on other objects which surround it and which are farther away;
  • try to keep the vision about 40 cm of his work.



Although all worship these arts manuals, we know they're a little sedentary activities. And to add to this, often while we do a project and we are absorbed by our thoughts and ideas, there goes a package in-tei-ri painting cookies!!! And before you know it!

Therefore, if passes many hours sitting with their needles, don't forget to walk daily at least half an hour. Even to go to the bakery! It is very important to make some kind of daily physical activity to stay healthy and more energetic.



The carpal tunnel syndrome is a problem that affects mostly women, and can be caused by a number of different factors, among them, is the excessive activity of the hand. If you have a penchant for suffer this problem (by type of occupation that has traumatic or other reasons), the repetitive motion of this type of activity and the tension exerted on the handle while you don't lay down your a needle are a reason enough to feel a discomfort in the hand (e.g., tingling and weakness in the hand).

If you feel any discomfort in your handle:

  • make small pauses in your work and make slight movements with your hands and fingers to release some of the tension exerted on your wrist (s) (s) (elongation of wrist flexors and fingers);
  • look for some ergonomic needle options available on the market.


In short, it's time to sit down to work, take into consideration the Chair, posture, the light and the time without breaks.

I hope these tips can help you find healthy behaviours so that you always have a lot of strength and energy to print in their projects.

-To our health!

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