Such as embroidery and knitting, crochet also has numerous different meshes which result from the various combinations and can do with the points and basic techniques.

The grouped point is quite simple and produces a very dense and cohesive mesh.

Consists of group in two groups over the previous career points.

To do this just to mesh the high point and know increase.



  • crochet yarn
  • crochet needle
  • scissors
  • tape measure (depending on purpose)



  1. start by making a string of size you want, with an even number of links;
  2. When you're done with the cord, make three more ties to start the first career;
  3. Let the first loop of the lanyard for work and do two high points together (an increase) in the second loop of the cord;
  4. leave a loop back to work and do two high points in the loop;
  5. Repeat these steps until the end of the cord;
  6. make three ties "in the air" and get back your work;
  7. then make two high points together in the space left between the last increase of the previous career;
  8. continue, repeating the previous step until the end of his career;
  9. Repeat steps 6, 7 and 8 until the end of their work.

Depending on the space that goes between the grouped points, the type of point you do or even the thickness of wire work, you can combine more than two points of crochet in the same loop. The important thing is that at the end a nice effect and if you can understand the mesh created.



Working the wire to 2.5 mm needles, as described, a sample of 10 x 10 cm corresponds to 12 groups of 2 highlights and the 16 horizontal careers.


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