Today I speak of triangular shape (simple) on crochet. Despite being simple to make, there are a few different ways to reach this result. Here we will talk about one of them.

The application of triangles or diamonds always depends on what you want to but these forms are very used to make small quilts or decorative elements.


The triangle in crochet, is made of successive increases in career, from one of its ends.


  1. Start by making a 2-cord loops and do 2 lows together (increase) in the first tie this cord. Make a loop of cord "in the air" and get back your work;
  2. In the second career, make a low point about a previous career points and then do 2 lows together on the previous career low. Make a loop of cord "in the air" and get back your work;
  3. Repeat the previous step, as shown in the diagram, always working 2 lows together on the last previous career low, until you reach the number of careers. Coming to this point, and cut wire shot.

(*)-If you want to continue to make a diamond, don't forget to do the cord loop "in the air", when you get to the end of the careers of the triangle.

Note 1: the triangle begins, usually by one end and not the best because if I started by base, the careers would have a limited number and to start with a few of the tips can extend its triangle to wherever you want.

Note 2: how much thicker is the wire to work with your triangle, greater it will be the first career and work more than two points together, the triangle will be wider.



The diamond is just the continuation of the triangle but as descending and, unlike the triangle, is made of successive decreases along the careers.


  1. Make the triangle described above, until his last career and return your work (not forgetting the cord loop "in the air");
  2. In 1 career ', make a low point on each point of the previous career but, the last two points of this career have to be "locked" together (decrease) as the scheme. Make a loop of cord "in the air" and get back your work;
  3. Repeat the previous step as the schema, "closing" always 2 lows together over the last two previous career lows, until you reach the limit of the number of decreasing careers (which should be the same as the growing careers). Cut and shot wire.


You can also make diamonds working them into two triangles of different colors. That is, start by working a color in the growing and other color different careers in the declining career. When you join the many diamonds to create a single piece, the visual effect is different from the same created by diamonds of the same color.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and nice crochet for you!

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