How many times have "pissed off" trying to shove the wire to the needle? And how many times had that "fresh cut" and/or moisten the tip of your wire to be able to do it through the eye of a needle?

The step to put the yarn on the needle is not always an easy task. However, there are some forms that make it simpler.

One of these features is the needle pusher, which allows the wire pass easily through the eye of a needle. To do this, simply insert the needle pusher in the eye of the needle and pass the wire through the wire on the end of the needle pusher. Then just pull the pusher by its handle, and this will bring the wire to the other side of the eye of a needle.

Another way to achieve this is to make a loop in the end of the wire. Doing a small loop with your fingers, makes it easier to pass the wire through the needle, due to curvature that is formed by removing the loose ends that make up the ends of the strands of embroidery.

Finally, you can use a strip of paper to trap the wire and make him go through the eye of a needle. The paper thickness and the length of the Strip has to fit to the width of the hole of the needle you are working with.

Stay here, so three different ways to facilitate this step work with elementary needles. I hope that is useful!

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