Learn, be distracted, practice …. The reason is not important, just do it because you can!
Do not forget that creativity makes its own rules and imagination knows no bounds !!!
Aprender Tricot


Make a journey through the knit world whit Fabric Trait

Aprender Crochet


Make a journey through the crochet world whit Fabric Trait

Aprender a Bordar


Make a journey through the embroidery world whit Fabric Trait

Aprender a Costurar


Make a journey through the sew world whit Fabric Trait


Come visit our projects and get inspired with us

Congratulations on the blog! It is well organized, the photos are enlightening and have clear and simple explanations. Hélia Avelino

Congratulations on the idealization of this very useful site. Rosilda

I’m learning new things, and I love the post.

Very grateful for sharing. Tânia Faber

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