Janie and Jetro are two cloth dolls created from the desire to return to the innocence of childhood imagination where the toys were built from the effort and dedication of mothers and grandmothers dedicated.

In times where the toy stores were a rarity for some more affluent classes, the only ways to make happy a girl passed by creating a rag doll or rag doll.

Although this is far from my reality and consequently of the younger generation, to keep the imagination of yore is remembering the times that only our mothers and their moms have lived.

Janie and Jetro plan to help recreate this imaginary and transmitting the values of dedication and commitment, love embroidered on each line and each point. They are the witnesses of a generation which will which faded into the ephemeral social networks timelines.

The linen was the material chosen to "write" this narrative and the monochrome simplicity highlights of intent two Dummies who just want to be the best friends of your daughters and granddaughters.

Maybe someday, they too Borden, create or want to buy a rag doll to give to their daughters and tell the story of how a friend received best friend ever could have in life.

You ever had any "friend of cloth"? Share your experience and leave your comment below.

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