Crochet Point-Brick Point

This crochet is fairly easy to do and work progresses very quickly. Produces a very nice fabric and the spaces create an effect that resembles “stacked bricks”. The texture of the fabric produced is slightly different on the inside out. You will be able to choose between the two that you like.


  • crochet yarn
  • crochet needle
  • scissors
  • tape measure (depending on purpose)


  1. make a crochet bead with the length you want (with an odd number of links);
  2. at the end of this cord, work a extra loop so you can begin the first career;
  3. at the beginning of the first career start for making a low at the last loop of the cord;
  4. then make 3 3 ties “in the air” and attach them to the cord with a low, leaving a space of three ties in the same;
  5. Repeat step 4. by the end of the cord;
  6. at the end of the first career, make three ties “in the air”;
  7. Next, make three high points together in the same space left by three “loose ties” of previous career;
  8. continue in the same way until the end of his career;
  9. coming to the end of the second career, make a loop “in the air” and repeat steps between 3. and 5.;
  10. in the following career, repeat steps between points 6. and 8.;
  11. and so subsequent and alternately.

Based on this schema, you can make a small change that consists of making a loop “in the air” between every three high points (in pairs). This addition will make the vertical spacing is more visible.   SAMPLE Working cord to 2.5 mm needles, as described, a sample of 10 × 10 cm corresponds to 8 groups of 3 high points and 9 horizontal careers.


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