As we mentioned before, there are several methods to assemble the meshes on the needle. Some of these methods pass a node of the meshes and leave a small extension of wire that should have the length necessary to make the number of meshes you wish.

This is where we put the question: how long should I leave wire to make, for example, 15 meshes in my needle? Where should I position the node for that or get too close or waste? With this short article you will discover a super simple way to do it!


  • hold the tip of the ball and link the wire around your needle, as many times as the number of meshes that you want to mount on your needle (ex: 15 times to assemble 15 meshes).

Note: the image shows a link too spaced so he could see better-it is not necessary to tighten much the link but also should not leave a spacing so great.


  • twist the wire and hold it by the point where should the node on your needle.
  • from the node, you can start making the number of meshes.
  • now, with its meshes already assembled, can see that left just enough to be able to shoot your wire.

I hope you enjoyed this tip and you find it useful. Good yarn!

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