And because it’s too cold! … Nothing better than a scarf to warm up!

For this, I chose a wire, beige color, and a version of the bamboo point. This produces a fairly dense mesh point and gives a lot of elasticity to the knitted piece.


  • a pair of knitting needles (I used 4 mm thick needles)
  • wool yarn for knitting (with 4 mm needles and one wire indicated this thickness pair-10x10cm sample corresponds to 30 meshes and 15 careers)

Number Of MESHES

  • multiples of 2


  • half mesh
  • alloy mesh
  • loop


  • Mount the meshes on your needle (multiples of 2)

This project was made an Italian mount (see basics of yarn-Assemble the meshes) and was also made a ribbed bar, 7 careers, at both ends of the scarf (see basics of Knitting-Tricot points). This bar is optional as it can get the bamboo if you prefer.


  • Right side of your work

With the wire through the front of the work, knit the first mesh as a midfielder.

tricot in scarf

After the previous step, the wire is for the back of the work (such as the mesh of half the requires).

Knit, so the second mesh as a midfielder.


To finish the point, cross the mesh that if generated by the wire forward causing her to go over the two meshes that precede it and removing it from the needle.


Repeat these last three steps until you reach the end of his career.

  • Inside out side of your work

On second career, knit all the meshes as alloy mesh.

Repeat these two procedures (right side and side upside down) until it reaches the length you want.

If you choose to make a ribbed bar, don’t forget you have to finish the point bamboo the moment you still have enough yarn to do so.

This point is also very nice with cotton yarn in light sweaters for the half-season.

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