The yarn allows you to create a large number of points and effects. These points can result in an enormous technical complexity, the combination of multiple colors at once, or just the two loops of yarn: midlife and mesh alloy mesh. Let's start by exploring these two meshes for your combination can result in very nice effects.

The point of the basket creates a visual effect of high and low reliefs, resembling a wicker basket. This section consists of half meshes and group meshes, alternately along the careers.


  • Knitting yarn
  • needles for knitting
  • scissors
  • tape measure (depending on the objective).


  1. start by assembling the meshes on your needle with the length you want (the number of meshes should correspond to a multiple of the number of meshes that you want to have each square (in the case of this sample, each square has 5 loops)
  2. with the second needle, first n alloy mesh (or half) followed n half loops (or League), and so on until you finish working all the meshes mounted on needle;
  3. then, go back to work and start working the fabrics "as opposed to" previous career, i.e. n half loops (or call) followed by n alloy mesh (or half). Continue to the end of his career.
  4. Repeat the previous steps until it formed the first square.
  5. in career immediately following, do not switch the fabrics and make them in the same order you did on previous career.
  6. continue in his work doing alternate careers but always with the same number.

Note: the wire tension control is very important for this point works well. Try to keep the voltage steady.

Esquema - Ponto de Cesta


  1. * n ml; n mm *
  2. * n mm; n ml *
  3. * n ml; n mm *
  4. * n ml; n mm *
  5. * n mm; n ml *
  6. * n ml; n mm *
  7. etc.

There are a few different versions from a basket that vary according to the number of meshes which assigns to each set. Maybe we can explore this topic later!


Working with 4 mm needles, as described, a sample of 10 x 10 cm corresponds to 25 meshes mounted on needle and 30 careers (5 and a half League knitting groups with 5 loops each and 6 groups of meshes and a half long League of 30 careers).

Amostra - Ponto de Cesta

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