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Learn Knitting

BRIEF HISTORY OF KNITTING The knitting is an ancient art that, apparently, originated somewhere in the Middle East. The oldest specimens, referring to this technique, have been found in Egypt, showing already some complexity and color of wool.  When this technique came to Europe, had a higher expression in the Nordic countries. Later, with the industrial revolution, this practice has become just a hobby. However, in some countries in South America, the yarn and wool animal farm represent a very important role in its economy. Z MATERIALS AND TOOLS  KNITTING NOTES N KNITTING BASICS L OTHER TECHNICS Z...

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Learning Crochet

BRIEF HISTORY OF CROCHET There aren’t many certainties about the origins of crochet. However, there are strong indications that this craft technique has arisen in the Asian continent. Crochet came to Europe through the trade routes with the far East and had greater expression from the 17TH century. It is assumed that the word “crochet” has originated in the medieval French word croké (iron tool hook-shaped). Currently, is a type of crafts practiced worldwide and is applied to make the various parts, from the decor to clothing. Z MATERIAIS E UTENSÍLIOS  NOTAS DO CROCHET N BÁSICO DO CROCHET...

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Learn Sewing

BRIEF HISTORY OF SEWING The seam is born from the need of primary protection of adversity imposed by nature. Historical evidence indicates that the practice of sewing has originated in the Paleolithic, with rudimentary tools and natural fibers. With the passage of time, it wasn’t just the skins of animals that were sewn to create garments; man learned to weave their own fabrics and they revolutionized the history of sewing. With the tissues also developed tools for sewing, which are numerous and that allow the most varied ways. With the industrial revolution, much of the manual was replaced by...

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Cachecol em Tricot

Cachecol em Tricot

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